Rusty's Hubble Space Telescope Tour de Force

Official Hubble Space Telescope Website

HST, The Hubble Space Telescope, has brought the edge of the Universe closer to mankind. Revolutionizing the exploration of space providing the most graphic photographs of deep space ever. We are proud to present this grand scientific endeavor for the enjoyment of Chicken fans.

HST has 3 different locations in the United States:

STOCC (Space Telescope Operations and Control Center)
VEST (Vehicle Electrical System Test)
STScI (Space Telescope Science Institute)

Good friend of the Colonel, Rusty, has graciously provided Ten Ton Chicken with some of the great graphics found on this web site. The STOCC and VEST are where we test all new hardwareand software before being uploaded to the Observatory and/orflown on the next Servicing Mission. They also train the astronauts and install the hardware in the Orbiter for the Service Mission. This is where Rusty works.

The STScI is where the Science Team resides, they schedule the observations and do the actual commanding of the spacecraft.

These sites have tons of pictures (old and new), most can be downloaded.

Here is another site of interest:

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