Ten Ton Chicken Taping Policy

   Ten Ton Chicken encourages the taping and trading of our live performances. We feel that each show is unique and want to extend the ability to our fans to recreate the live experience long after the performance is over.

   To do your own live recordings here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Tapers may tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue, unless specific taper tickets are available. To obtain any designated taper tickets, contact the venue's box office.
  • You should be self-contained in terms of microphones and power. Please don't count on the venue to provide power or access to the sound board.
  • We ask that you please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone else's view or sound of the performance.
  • Video taping and still photography are also permitted; please just avoid the use of a flash.

   All taping must be for personal use only, which may include trading (via analog or digital tape, CD, or digital file transfer). Recordings may be traded only for an equivalent amount of similar media (cassettes or CDs, pre-recorded or blank). Sharing CDs and MP3s with your friends, posting onto peer-to-peer networks like Gnutella or using sites like etree.org or furthurnet.org is encouraged. Regardless of any expenses incurred, no money may ever be exchanged as part of a trade; however, stamped, self-addressed envelopes may be included with blank media.

   Audience taping at Ten Ton Chicken concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution are strictly forbidden. All Ten Ton Chicken performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Ten Ton Chicken. All rights reserved. The rights to record Ten Ton Chicken performances set forth in this policy constitute an express, revocable license. We reserve the right to withdraw our sanction of recording, tape trading and/or non-commercial digital audio file transfers on a case specific basis or in general, as we deem necessary. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.

   Just in case you are not into the art of sound recording, we record most of our shows with a live mix of the sound board and stereo room mics sampled into PCM 44.1kHz/16bit computer files. These files are encoded to 192Kbps MP3s and uploaded to our site within a few days of each live performance. Check the Setlists section to access the MP3s for each show.

   Thank you for helping Ten Ton Chicken spread its wings!

- The Colonel...

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