a lullaby to lull a troubled world to sleep

words and music - Gary Morrell

b. 2/6/23

Appears on Blue Earth Moon


Nothing nothing nothing nothing at all

Nothing nothing nothing nothing at all 


Maybe the universe will expand away               

It might just squish down the other way

Sunlight from Venus casts a shadow on the earth

You started dying when your mother gave you birth 


Nothing nothing nothing is done for

Nothing nothing nothing makes more sense


I won’t tell the man I saw you hiding

in a ditch by the road    

Cold and scared, try to think of nothing

well it doesn’t bode 


I like the squish of the middle    

I’m scared of one way streets

Time is like a sponge

space is but a little of the beat

Listen closely dear children   

Rest your weary soul

Nothing calls to you 

Nothing is the goal 


Nothing’s good and nothing’s bad

It won’t matter what you had

Nothing in between our ears

Smile softly through the tears

It was easy after all

A lullaby to lull a troubled world to sleep


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