Anodyne and Benevolent

Words and Music - Gary Morrell



We are icebergs on the ocean 

Just the same but separate 

Just the same but different 

Water all the same 

He’s such a simple man 


Ann Adine. banal and kind 

She’s anything but 

Her mind is shut

Ben Evolent, his money spent 

Gave it all away 

Cuz that’s his name 


Dull and plain, blind and bland 

Kind and good, as well he can



Since we’re icebergs on the ocean 

But we’re here today 

Melt away, to ether 

Water all the same 

He’s such a simple man 


Look right down her throat 

you’ll see out her ass 


A recipe in an online rag 

Drew her ire, made her mad 

She spewed her vile, with all she had 

It made him smile, it made him sad 

She’s all he had 

Not half bad 

Both slightly mad 

They’ve never met


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