Ashes in the End

Words by Gary Morrell and Jamison Smeltz

Music by Gary Morrell



The bottom part is weeping 

Did you see the bottom part? 

I wonder what it’s thinking 

I saw the bottom part 


Each end may be a start 

That’s finished in the end 

The top has toppled over 

We see the bottom part 



Cuando (quan' do) 

e finito (ey fee nee' to) 

hai capito  (ai ca pee' to) 

che non e   (kay non ey') 

Mezzo (med' zo) 

e andato (ey an dah' to) 

e truncato (ey trun cah' to) 

l'arbole (lar bo lay') 


Talk with Peder and his Son 

Take some time to fill the hole 


It used to be my friend

I liked it’s other end 

The birds the squirrels 

A swinging seat

Ashes in the end 


It used to be my friend

Ashes in the end 

It used to be my friend 

Ashes in the end 


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