Words and music by

Fred Callaway

Appears on Our Green World

Intro: Fred takes us to church 

Organ holds a C chord, then 

Bass plays C C D F (3 and 4 and) 


F6           F/A       Bbsus7    Csus7  (2 times) 


F6           F/A       Bbsus7    Csus7 

Sometimes in modern  society 

There can be some anxiety 

F6   F/A                 Bbsus7  Bdim   Csus7 

So low but you wanna get high as be ... (break) 

But you gotta maintain sobriety 


F       F/A       G7         Csus7 

All you need is a little bit... of CBD! 

Why not just take a little hit... and you will see 

F        Dm7         DbMaj7/9   Csus7     Bb7 

That I'm not ducking full of it... you'll sing with me 

F/A     Dm7       G7               Csus7 

All you need is a little bit and you will admit 

SOLO: Verse -> Chorus -> Vamp 2 times 


With no psychoactive chemistry 

I ain't   talking 'bout THC 

Got that medicinal property..... (break) 

*spoken quickly* 

Clinical trials showed a significant drop in insomnia, nausea, and headaches (p = .03) 


SOLO: Verse -> Chorus -> Vamp 2 times 

Hold Csus7, drop time 

Voice sets time for bridge: 

 “When you” on 3 and 4 


BRIDGE (slow 6/8 feel) 

Dm7               G7 

When you feel real sad  Or just plain bad 

Csus7              F  (F E Eb) 

Of joy your life is devoid 

Dmin7                  G7 

Put down the coke  And take a little toke 


of that miracle cannabinoid 


SOLO: Verse -> Chorus -> Verse 


I don’t have a medical degree 

But I can offer some advice for free 

If you’ve got a case of leprosy 

I only recommend one therapy 



F        F/A            G7     Csus7 

You will feel no more misery      (just CBD) 

No boredom nor anxiety            (just CBD) 

You’ll never have another injury  (just CBD) 

A life of joy is my guarantee     (just CBD) 

A home is given to the deportee   (just CBD) 

Limbs grow back on the amputee (just CBD 

Avocados grow on every tree       (just CBD) 

If you just have a little bit     (of CBD) 


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