Everyone Loves You

Words - Mark Francis, Gary Morrell

Music - Gary Morrell



A smile so sweet, and a heart that’s so true 

A beauty transcendent to those that you knew 

I can see the light shining but you’re very blue 

Everyone loves you except maybe you 


Everyone loves you except maybe you 

You may have been lied to but that came from you      

If it fits as you've heard you must wear that shoe 

You can do what you want and that's just what you'll do 


You lend out your hand, your heart and your ear 

You’ve felt others sorrow and shed us a tear 

What we see as strength you feel as fear 

I’d tell you I love you but don’t think you’d hear 


I try to get thru but my words they get lost 

My true intentions they won’t come across 

The water was calm when the pebble was tossed 

The warmth of a feeling encrusted in frost 


I’ve said it before and you’ve said it too 

How we’d lose sight, though I have not a clue 

You were offered it all yet away you still flew 

Everyone loves you except maybe you


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