Music - Gary Morrell

Words - Everyone

Appears on Our Green World


F  Bb  F  C  F  Bb  F  C  F 

F    Bb 

Par for the course 

F   C 
Under my thumb 

F     Bb 
Stick in the mud 

F        C               F 
Pull it out of your ass 

Eb              Ab 
Clean as a whistle 

Eb          Bb 
A can of worms 

Eb              Ab 
Cutting the mustard 

Eb        Bb    Eb 
Cutting the cheese 

F          Bb 
That’s the last straw 

F              C 
Off the top of my head 

F     Bb 
Ducks in a row 

F           C            F 
Raining cats and dogs 

Keyboard solo 

Dm  Am 

Dm  Fmaj7 

Dm             Am 
There is no magic bullet 

Dm             Am 
This is no cake walk 

Dm             Am 
Send in the clowns 

F             C               F 
Think outside of the box 

Guitar solo 

Bb5  Bb7  Bb6  Bbmin 


F    Bb 

Thrown under the bus 

F       C 

Throw me a bone 

F    Bb 

Throw out the baby with the bathwater 

F        C           F 

Thrown for a loop 

F             Bb 
The world is my oyster 

F                               C       (stop) 
Just a cotton picking minute 

F                    Bb 
How the tables have turned 

F         C        F 
That’s all she wrote


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