Just the Same

Words and Music - Gary Morrell

Words -Jamison Smeltz


It’s all been done, you’ve had your fun

First time’s the best, forget the rest

Ask not when and shall you may receive 


Days have come and days have gone

Ancient riddles on my lawn            

Give it time this too shall pass you’ll see 


The timeless makes you feel it’s fine

If you lost your I’ll give you mine  

Each day we’re getting closer to the line 


Same same same day after day

You went just as you came

Deny or take the blame

Either way it’s just the same 

Just the same it came and it went 

Some days have not be spent 

The way is just the same 

Go just as you came


A windless day, a little shack 

A summer gone, you can’t go back 

These days are just as good I’ve overheard 

I wish you well it wouldn’t hurt 

Sounds were heard a line to skirt 

The sky is clearing stop and feel the warmth


The outside chance is not aligned

Don't matter if you'd be inclined

Each day we're getting closer to the line

The line


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