Long Cloud

Words and Music - Gary Morrell

Appears on Blue Earth Moon


Long cloud hear me out 

You’ve been on my mind 

Even though the sun is out 

You keep me going blind 

Long cloud in my head 

Solace is around the bend 

Long cloud turning red 

Your time is getting near the end 


I’ll see you there

I’ll see you there

I’ll see you there

I’ll see you there

When should we go 

Falling like the rain 

Is calling 

Crawling like a 

Baby bawling 

Sunlight in shade 


Long cloud casting doubt 

Tell us what you want us to hear 

Long cloud scream and shout 

Will not make us want to adhere 

I’ll see you there X4 

When should we go 

You are mountain  

You are sea 

You are sand You are me 

Be the love that you are 


Long river flowing by

Will you hold my tears

Old river knowing why

Will you mock my fears

Will you lend a hand

Will you lay a plan

Will you tweak the end

Will you not hit send

Will you be my friend 


And so the river goes

Trying to reach the sea

After all the river knows

I’ve had enough of me 

Maybe you’re the one

Maybe you’re undone

Long cloud no need for you

Gonna make a move

Got no more to prove 


Long cloud hear me out 


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