Mama's Cork

Music - Gary Morrell

Words - Ray "The Crack" Mattos

Appears on Just Like in the Old Country


Bake it into lemon pie

push it into grandma's eye

bang it with some stringy clams

serve it with some frozen yams 


stain it with a greasy lick 

whip it with the salmon stick 

tease it with a turkey bone 

pray to it when you’re alone 


A River of tension

A Planet of pain

Wish I had me a dozen

Of Mama's corks for my drain 


Ask it for the fatty part 

Offer it your shopping cart 

Use it to remove your lumps 

hose it off with gentle pumps 


don’t forget the filthy rag 

mark it with a pretty tag 

could you chew it with a fork 

tell the truth to mama's cork 


A River of tension 

A Planet of pain 

Wish I had a me a dozen 

Of Mama's corks for my brain 

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