Words and Music - Gary Morrell

Title - Kylee Morrell

Appears on In Search of

He watched as all the leaves went by 

He didn’t hear his baby cry 

A part time place to lay his head 

The bullpen lost my eyes are red 

A passing bus would change his luck 

An open door, a floating buck 

The buck was two, the buck was four 

The sky is ground, the lid is floor 


It’s like you know       It’s how it goes 

It’s like you know       Sometimes never 

It’s like you know       Maybe forever 

It’s like you know 

weeds left overgrown and lame 

It won't ever be the same 

sitting on the surface could 

a deadline trade might well be worth it 

exhaust helps to make it clear 

walking streets, the noise you hear 

the bucks assemble in the cup 

you can't get back what you've given up


Copyright © 2003   Ten Ton Chicken