Roundabout and Back Again

Music - Gary Morrell

Words - Ray "The Crack" Mattos



Seven times around the loop 

Six in tune ensemble group 

Five is time to stir the soup 

Four and twenty that’s the scoop 

Which is where the money goes 

What is why the paper flows 

Where is when the poppy grows 

But we are all who really knows 

Sad is me so far away 

Glad is you on summers day 

Bad is daddys poor toupee 

Mum will kill but likes to pray 

Round is sandwich on the chair 

Long are whispers in the air 

That your are thus and I am there 

Twirling curlers in your hair 

But past is post with gentle breeze 

And brushes do the canvas tease 

A picture such as none of these 

To share the wine and finest cheese


Copyright © 2007   Ten Ton Chicken