Words and Music by Eric Kampman



I saw you climb the scaffolding 
Seeking higher ground when you'd have surely been 
Better off below 
I saw the neighbors clammoring 
They try to talk you down, it's bad behavior in 
Sight of Oakhurst Row 

I heed the signs, I shut the blinds 
I chase my tail, I learn to fail 

I saw you cornered in an alleyway 
You thought was open road, You thought you'd broke the code 
To a higher plane 

I overheard a neighbor say 
She saw how hard you tried 
But then you went and lied 
And said you felt her pain 

I weather storms, I have my thorns 
I stand my ground, pre-sight and sound 

I saw you climb the scaffolding 
I saw the child in the swing 
I saw the demons you implore 
I saw you slowly close the door 

I know why you try: only birds and angels can fly 
A man on the ground is easily found 

Gate Paragate Parasamgate (ditto ditto ditto) 
I saw you fill the camera 
Dimples and chagrin, I must admit I've been 
Focusing below 
Wide eyeing angles you deploy 
Deconstructing men you self destruct again 
Eyes upon the goal 

I need the signs, I meet the minds 
I tend the goal, I pay the toll


 Copyright © 1998   Ten Ton Chicken