Send in the Aliens

Words and Music - Gary Morrell

Appears on Our Green World


We saw them with our tubes 

Coming our way 

No one had a clue 

They were coming our way


Every other time 

It was us or them 

This time it’s just us 

They are coming our way 


Here come the aliens 

From the stars 

The aliens 

From afar 

Time to   Time to 

Come together 

From where we are 

The humans 

From this star 


Send in the aliens 

To set us straight 

The aliens 

To steer our fate 

Steer us   Fear us 

Our green world 

We’ve only one 

Our genes are swirled 

We’re of the sun 

Finally    Kindly 

On the mothership 

No one left behind 

Us and them 



They are coming our way


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