Words and music by Gary Morrell

Appears on In Search of


Lorilla took a job on a fish boat 

Thought she'd make some buku bucks and then some 

It all was going fine until the boat sunk 

Now she's got no time left to spend some 

Lorilla had an uncle who sold latex 

He wrapped himself from head to toe in green 

He didn't have a care he spent his paychecks 

On the day he died he spent his final bean 

A piggy in the bank 

A hot dog in the tank 

A roll of dimes for frank 

A benji I can spank 

Spend it at the automat 

Save it for a rainy day 

Ask lorilla for a raise 

Throw it in the street it doesn't matter 

It doesn't matter

Copyright © 2002   Ten Ton Chicken