This Life

Words and Music - Gary Morrell



You wake the morn

Take up your cross

Greet the day

Before it's lost

You carry on 


I beg of you

To join the cause

Spread your love

Rewrite your laws

just because 


This life can let us down 

Jerk us around

Bring us joy beyond belief

It's up to you 

Which path to choose 

See the beauty and the truth 

Within a leaf

One by one 

These days are gone 

One by one 

We've come and gone

Help a worm 

Avoid an ant 

Like a crayon 

Outline your hand

On this life

Oh this life

This life 


What to do 

With all the pain 

Remind yourself 

Your brain isn't you 

It ain't you 

Solve the darkest night 

Be the one to cast a light 

It's what you do 

A lightening bug 


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